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Zoom calls

The Wakefield Trinity Community Foundation are offering player Zoom calls to some of the club’s members in conjunction with the ‘Reach’ programme.


Throughout what is the third lockdown in just under a year, offering someone to talk to has never been more important and the foundation are excited to offer some of our members video calls with some first-team players.


Just like the ‘Connect’ programme which ran throughout the Summer lockdown, ‘Reach’ will be aimed at offering some of the older and more vulnerable members of the club with the opportunity to talk to some of their heroes.


The Zoom calls offer the chance for 10 of our loyal members per week the opportunity to ask their favourite first-team players some of their burning questions.


This programme will run for at least eight weeks, which is where we will re-assess what state the Covid-19 pandemic is in and what phase the country is at in relation to ‘normality’.


All successful members will be sent an email at the start of the week with a time, date and the player involved, giving them plenty of time to think of three questions of their choice.


Participants will then take it in turns to ask their questions, prompting a response from the chosen first-team player.


In an interview at the back end of last year our Head of Foundation, Craig Shepherd, offered some insight into what the ‘Reach’ programme is all about and how it impacts the older members of the club.


“Something people might not know is that, during the first lockdown, when myself and our staff reached out, we actually got as much out of it as the participants,” Shepherd explained.


“We were able to make some new friends as well as finding out a little bit more about the people in our community.


“We don’t do it to sell more season tickets, we do it because we care.”


The Community Foundation are pleased to be able to work alongside the club to offer this great opportunity. This past year hasn’t been easy for anyone and, as a foundation, we are proud to be able to offer experiences like these which will last long in the memory.


*Emails to all who qualify will be sent an email tomorrow asking if they would like to par-take, we are looking at getting at least 80 participants that will run over the eight weeks.

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