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Wakefield Trinity Community Foundation has partnered with Wrenthorpe Assist to support the distribution of meals throughout The Big Feed.

With help from our partners and Wakefield Council, last week, The Big Feed hit its first big milestone, delivering over 6000 meals within the first five weeks of the event.

This level of distribution would have not been possible without the hard work and dedication shown by specific partners, aiding the distribution of meals within their patch.

Starting as a pandemic helpline, Wrenthorpe Assist made it easier for the elderly and vulnerable to access important supplies, delivering food parcels, shopping and pharmaceutical products, whilst also partaking in regular phone calls to improve mental wellbeing.

Over the past year, the hub has made drops of over 80 food parcels per week to residents in the Wrenthorpe, Kirkhamgate, Outwood, Stanley, Flanshaw, Ossett, Horbury, Lupset, Alverthorpe and Carr Gate areas.

After conducting this level of work for over a year, the Foundation was keen to partner with Wrenthorpe and their dedicated team of volunteers to scale up the level of support offered in the West Wakefield area.

Speaking on behalf of the hub, head volunteer, Nic Stansby, said, “We were contacted by the Foundation who let us know that, as we are part of the food aid network, we were eligible to receive the meals.

“After a quick chat, we decided how many people we could support and went from there. We knew over 65s in our area are feeling isolated and this was an opportunity to have a visit and a chat.

“Many of those receiving meals are struggling to cook at the moment, so it’s great to deliver a healthy meal to them, keeping their immune system strong.”

While, project lead, James Stephenson, followed, “Nic and all the volunteers at Wrenthorpe Assist have done an immense job throughout the first six weeks of The Big Feed.

“How they have supported their community throughout the pandemic is fantastic and we are proud to call them a partner.

“We are looking forward to working with them for the rest of the event.”

If you, or someone you know, is aged over 65 and would like a freshly-cooked, healthy meal delivered straight to your door, please contact the Foundation on 01924 211 611 (Option 6) every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Alternatively, to find out more about Wrenthorpe Assist and the work they conduct, please follow https://www.neighbourly.com/project/5e861e94c7ac89348c8f5e8d.

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