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Why I love Disability RL | Andrew Perry

In a new written series, we want to delve deeper into why our participants love Disability Rugby League. Over the past few years, our sides have gone from strength to strength, playing a curtain-raiser at both Old Trafford and Anfield, while we watched three of our PD participants embark on a trip of a lifetime to Australia, shown exclusively on Amazon Prime.

Please see our third Q&A with LDRL player, Andrew Perry…

How would you explain your love for LDRL?

It is brilliant to be in the position to play for Wakefield LDRL! It is something that keeps me going but has also helped me make a lot of new friends who have similar disabilities.

How did you get into LDRL? What is your journey?

It all started when I was coaching at Crigglestone All Blacks ARLFC. One of my colleagues, Mick Greensmith, introduced me to the Head of Wakefield Trinity Community Foundation, Craig Shepherd, who got me involved. My ambition, one day, is to represent my country at the Rugby League World Cup.

How has Sport Impacted your life, personally?

I have found that it is a sport that keeps me going. It has also had a positive impact on my stress, depression and non-epileptic fits.

What does it mean to you to play for LDRL? Both in Training and also Festivals.

I am incredibly proud to be in the position to meet up with my outstanding teammates and play for a great and historic Rugby League club such as Wakefield Trinity. I am very excited to play tournaments and festivals in large venues!

Are there any Memories or times you look back on with fondness or pride?

I was extremely proud to make my debut for the Wakefield All-Star side a few years back. I was also extremely proud to see my stepdaughter make her debut for Wakefield Trinity LDRL.

What is your biggest ambition when it comes to Rugby League?

I am a huge Halifax Town supporter, so I would love to get the opportunity to play for them one day. I would also like to take on extra commitments within the Lottery set-up as well as trying my hand at coaching in the not-to-distant future.

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