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Wakefield’s ‘These Sporting Lives’ Documentary Premieres on YouTube

The Wakefield Trinity Community Foundation are excited to confirm the release of their mini-documentary, ‘These Sporting Lives’, on the Foundation’s YouTube channel this coming Saturday at 5pm.


Previously airing as an Amazon Prime exclusive, the Foundation have now secured access to the full documentary and are scheduling to premiere the free-to-view piece on the community YouTube channel on Saturday, 12th December.


The documentary primarily follows the lives of three outstanding individuals, who defied the odds to play the sport they love, and in turn, offered one trip of a lifetime.


Over the past few years, physical and learning disability has claimed a place in people’s hearts and the Wakefield Trinity Community Foundation have made great in-roads in the disability game.


Since being founded in 2018, Trinity are not the only side to now boast both a physical and learning disability side, with six Super League teams now following suit.


As the game grew, so did the interest, while two teams were lucky enough to face off in the PDRL Grand Final at Old Trafford in front of 60,000 spectators.


A brand new idea was born and Trinity set about to raise over £10,000 to stage a trip of a lifetime down under, highlighting the progression of the game in the process.


This target was smashed, creating the opportunity for Connor Lynes, Ben Nicholson and, team captain, Darren Dean, to team up with the Gold Coast Legends, as they faced Australia PDRL in the Titans’ match against Brisbane.


However, this documentary is much more than about the game, it is an insight into the challenges a few of our players have faced and what they overcome to get where they are today.


The Wakefield Trinity Community Foundation is proud of what they have achieved, however, we are looking forward to showing this community spirit and resilience to a wider audience.

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