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Trinity on Tour reignites Rugby League in 2021

Wakefield Trinity Community Foundation is pleased to confirm the success of our Trinity on Tour camps, in which over 120 players attended.

Through our blossoming relationship with community clubs up and down the district, the Foundation relaunched our Trinity on Tour camps for 2021, in the hope to reignite the spark associated with junior Rugby League.

With that in mind, over a two-month period, our coaches visited six of our Outreach and Ambassador clubs, with the aspiration to incorporate all the aspects that make community rugby so worthwhile, with fun and enjoyment coming at the top of our agenda.

As well as the camps, participants were also joined by two of Wakefield Trinity’s current stars, with everyone receiving both a match ticket and a certificate.

Speaking upon the completion of the event, Rugby League development Manager, Josh Riding, was astounded by the interest and was happy to pick up where they left off in 2019.

Junior Rugby League is something that is very important to the Foundation and to be in the position to offer increased enjoyment of the sport to the young players of the district is great!

To miss a year due to the pandemic and come back with over 120 participants in 2021 is great to see and I hope they all feel they have received something from the sessions.

We are very much looking forward to expanding in 2022

Josh Riding - Rugby League Development Manager

For more information on the other Rugby League programmes we offer, please email our Rugby League Development Manager, Josh Riding, at josh.riding@wakefieldtrinity.com.

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