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The Big Feed

The Wakefield Trinity Community Foundation’s ‘Big Feed’ event has reached over 100 volunteers.

The initiative, supported by Wakefield Council and Wakefield District Housing, will take place from the 22nd December through to Christmas Eve, and then will restart from 27th December to New Year’s Day and hopes to help provide healthy meals to those in need throughout the festive period.

When plans were put in place to stage the event, the Foundation were hopeful of accumulating around 20 volunteers, smashing that target in no time and plans are in place to branch out from the Mobile Rocket Stadium to more hubs situated across the city.

With the help of the Wakefield Community, Wakefield are hopeful of delivering over 200 meals per day, a jump of 100 from the previous target, via both collection and delivery.

Upon the arrival of the event, volunteers will be giving out the meals and supporting the process in delivery.

To help run this event, the club have partnered with LD Nutrition, who have kindly pledged their man-hours cooking and preparing the meals as a donation to the project.

Head of the Foundation, Craig Shepherd, said that he is taken-a-back by the support offered for the Big Feed and is really pleased to see the project take off as it has.

“It has been a bit of a whirlwind, really,” said Shepherd.

“I certainly wasn’t expecting the up-take which we have received, because we’re normally struggling for one or two volunteers.

“However, with this project, we have offers from over 100 people, which shows the demand but also the appeal.

“It takes you back a bit.”

Simultaneously running with the event, the Foundation have teamed up with both Cash Wise and Turning Point, offering support to those who need it.

After a tough year all round, the Wakefield Trinity Foundation are pleased to see the community pull together in its time of need.

More information surrounding the Big Feed will be available on the Wakefield Trinity Community Foundation website and social channels in due course.

The Foundation thanks every volunteer for the kind support during this event in these difficult times.

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