The project will provide an introduction to physical activity for those who are disabled whilst also raising awareness to a significant barrier that they face – abuse.

The psychological damage caused by taunting and abuse has been shown to prevent people with disabilities from participating in exercise.

The new project, delivered by Wakefield Trinity Community Foundation, will not only provide sessions that people with disabilities can access but will also raise awareness to the effects that bullying, abuse and taunting can have on the disabled in relation to the psychological prevention of exercise.

The Trust have partnered with False 9 Ltd to create a ground-breaking video reflecting the significant barrier. It is hoped the video won’t just make an impact locally, in Wakefield, but also nationally.

Craig Shepherd, Wakefield Trinity Community Foundation, said, “We know from our own experience that many of the disabled people we engage in exercise with us have experienced a psychological barrier to exercise or continuing to play a sport they enjoy.”

“Many people don’t realise that a lot of disabled people are already self conscious and lack confidence so even light, tongue in cheek, comments can have a significant impact on a persons emotional wellbeing.”

”Not all abuse, though, is psychological and we are looking forward to working with False 9 Ltd to create a hard-hitting media piece to raise awareness across the country.”

”Huge thanks to The National Lottery Community Fund for enabling us to continue to impact the communities we serve.”