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Wakefield Trinity Community Foundation Reignite ‘The Big Feed’ in 2021

Wakefield Trinity Community Foundation is delighted to announce that we are continuing ‘The Big Feed’ in 2021.

After an overwhelming amount of success throughout December’s project, the Foundation are pleased to revisit and revamp the project in a bid to reach even more of the district’s old and vulnerable throughout the pandemic.

Working with Wakefield Council, preliminary plans have been put in place to restart the project from the 22nd February over a prolonged period, with the Foundation acting as the umbrella for local community hubs situated across the district.

This gives an increased chance for the Foundation to reach its desired target of delivering to around 1,430 people across the two months.

To reach a wider demographic as possible, we will be in contact with numerous support agencies to spread the word of the project, while the club’s main number – 01924 211 611 (Option 6) – will also be turned into a hotline, so the older, more vulnerable residents have an easy route to contact members of the club to order meals.

When the opportunity arose for ‘The Big Feed 2.0’ to be put in place, Head of Foundation, Craig Shepherd, had no hesitation but to jump at the chance to support the people of the district once again.

“We had the opportunity to work in collaboration with community hubs and food aid providers across the district under the Big Feed umbrella and showcase the efforts of the Wakefield district to support the elderly, vulnerable residents,” Shepherd explained.

“Inevitably, the more people we can reach the greater the impact and it will help us build on the incredible achievements at Christmas.”

Utilising the knowledge picked up from December’s event will only make ‘The Big Feed 2.0’ stronger and Shepherd is confident that using this experience will be a catalyst for more success over the next two months.

“We took plenty of learning from The Big Feed in December and this time around it will be more about doorstep deliveries, fine-tuning the hotline service and cascading the marketing of that to the right organisations who support people at risk.”

While Councillor for Crofton, Ryhill and Walton, Maureen Cummings, highlighted the importance of the project and how Wakefield Council were keen to be a part of it.

 “When the funding became available to work with the Wakefield Trinity Community Foundation on ‘The Big Feed’ 2021, Wakefield Recovery Board had no hesitation but to get involved,” Maureen followed.

“After working on the project back in December, it showed how much of a difference this event made to the people of our district and how a meal/social interaction can go a long way.

“January’s Lockdown has been hard for many people, so, when the opportunity arose to assemble ‘The Big Feed’ on a much larger scale, we were eager to get involved.” 

The Foundation are very proud of the 120+ volunteers built up throughout the first Big Feed project, however, with the event getting bigger and working across a larger area, we are still on the look-out for extra people to make the project tick.

For anyone interested in volunteering to deliver meals to the elderly over the two months, please email thebigproject@wakefieldtrinity.com.

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