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Ramsey loving life playing LDRL

Trinity Learning Disability Rugby League player, Chloe Ramsey, is enjoying her time playing for our LDRL side ahead of our inclusion round on Sunday.

Playing for the side over the last couple of years, Chloe has been an integral member of the side over the past couple of years, taking part in festivals up and down the country, something she loves to get involved in, “I really enjoy it because everybody can get involved,” Chloe explained.

“People who have learning disabilities, they all can join in and play it. There is a lot of stuff you do here that you never thought you’d be able to do, but LDRL has helped a lot.”

As an inclusive sport, Learning Disability Rugby League offers everyone, no matter their ability, the opportunity to play the sport they love.

After being introduced in 2018, the side now has over 17 players, training every Monday night, whilst taking part in odd festivals across the year.

Working closely with their teammates, the side has gone from strength to strength, making it easy to integrate into the side.

“I think it’s been really well, to be honest,” Chloe explained, talking about her transition into the sport.

“Before, I didn’t know anything about it, didn’t know anyone at all. But then since going and going loads of times you get to know everybody and build up friends.

“[Playing with others who have a similar disability] made me feel very well, knowing that there are people out there that have got similar difficulties to me, so I think it’s really good.”

Wakefield Trinity LDRL will take to the field for the first time in 2022 in just a matter of weeks. These festivals showcase everything good about the game, offering all players to meet participants from other teams.

This is a part of the game that differs from mainstream Rugby League, and something that everyone involved is incredibly proud to be a part of.

“By coming to training and playing games with different teams, it helps to work with teammates, getting to know other teams and the people within them.”

You can get involved in our inclusion round by buying a ticket for Sunday’s game from either the Ridings club shop or online.

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