Community Champions

This project is to support people shown to be most at risk from Coronavirus (COVID-19). This includes those from an ethnic minority background, disabled people and other groups and aims to encourage them to adopt safer behaviours and reduce the impact of the virus on themselves and those around them. This includes increasing uptake of available vaccinations where applicable.

Community Champions

Overarching aims

Deliver a wide range of measures to protect those most at risk – building trust, communicating accurate health information and ultimately helping to save lives.

Targeting areas with plans to reach groups such as older people, disabled people, and people from ethnic minority backgrounds, and people experiencing greater impact of Covid-19 who according to the latest evidence are more likely to suffer long-term impacts and poor outcomes from COVID-19.

Tap into local networks to provide advice about COVID-19 and work with councils to identify barriers to accessing accurate information and to provide tailored support, such as phone calls for people who are digitally excluded, helplines, and linking to GP surgeries.

Support areas to tackle misinformation and encourage take-up as the vaccination programme expands across the country.

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