Uganda is an African nation with over 37 million residents. It sits in Eastern Africa, landlocked between Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Its diverse landscape features the snow-capped Rwenzori Mountains and immense Lake Victoria. Murchison Falls National Park in the North-West of Uganda is known for its 43-metre-high waterfall.

For all its beauty, Uganda is listed as one of the poorest nations in the world but also one of the friendliest.

Women’s Football in Uganda is on the rise. Recently, a working group, spearheaded by Jean Sseninde, held a productive virtual meeting to discuss driving Women & Girls Football forward in the country.

Jean, a Ugandan International footballer for the Crested Cranes, lives in England. She has played for Crystal Palace and Queens Park Rangers in the FA Women’s National League Southern Premier, which is in tier three of the British game.

The Sseninde Foundation, for whom Jean is the CEO, acts to provide girls with an opportunity to play Football and empower women and youth in communities through education and non-formal skills training.

Wakefield Trinity Ladies FC will forge a partnership with the Sseninde Foundation and in the Summer of 2021 Trinity player-coaches will visit Uganda, spend time with a Ugandan family and experience the culture but also to deliver exhibition coaching sessions with their girls’ football teams, schools and communities during a two-week stay.

Discussions have begun with several club sides and ‘Project Uganda’ will be led by the Sseninde Foundation in terms of coordinating the visit.

Craig Shepherd, CEO, Wakefield Trinity LFC said, “As a group, it would be superb if we could fundraise to meet the costs of the trip. We are putting together an itinerary and costings sheet with our contacts in Uganda and they are very excited about our partnership with them.”

“Emily Heckler and Danni Biglin are already doing similar, off their own back, but in the name of Trinity. They are heading to The Gambia. I was very excited to hear about those plans and we aim to track both visits through social media updates and content.”

“What a unique opportunity to experience a different culture in a third world country while encouraging more females to play the sport of Football. Sport can be the catalyst to change lives when used in the right way and we have the power to provide hope and enjoyment through this initiative. I’m a firm believer that we have been placed on this earth to make a difference and therefore we have a duty to do so.”

Jean Sseninde, CEO, Sseninde Foundation added, “We are absolutely excited with the partnership between ourselves and Wakefield Trinity LFC. Sport brings people together and as Sseninde Foundation we see this partnership as an exciting opportunity to work together with Wakefield Trinity LFC to create and give more opportunities to young girls and women in communities and around the world not only to play football but also get involved in a lot of key activities off the field that can help them be more diverse and become leaders who will empower their communities.”

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