Wakefield Trinity Community Foundation

Nujum Sports support Disability RL for 2022

Wakefield Trinity Community Foundation is delighted to announce that Nujum Sports will sponsor our Disability RL setup.

Following our signing of the Muslim Athlete Charter back in November, Wakefield Trinity has been in constant communication with Nujum Sport over the last couple of months, making Rugby League as inclusive as possible.

With this weekend’s game against Salford being marked as an inclusion round, we are pleased to have Nujum Sports on board, coinciding with the Rugby Football League becoming the first governing body to sign the charter.

With confirmation confirmed, we have become the first side Nujum Sports have ever sponsored, as they eyed up the disability game as a potential route into both sponsorship and Rugby League.

Speaking upon signing the sponsorship, Ebadur Rahmen, CEO of the organisation, said, “It’s an honour for us (Nujum Sports) to sponsor the Wakefield Trinity Disability RL.

“We hope our partnership with the club goes from strength to strength. The club is creating an environment where Muslim fans, players and stakeholders can enjoy the game in a friendly environment.”

This is a huge opportunity to get Disability RL and Muslim Athlete Charter on the map and we, Wakefield Trinity Community Foundation, is delighted to be a part of it.

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