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NCS participants raise £253.55 for charity

Following their completion of all three phases of our NCS programme, students from Wakefield College raised a total of £253.55 for our local community.

Spending the first phase of their NCS journey taking part in activities at both Go Ape and Rother Valley, the young people honed their skills in both problem solving and working within a team.

Following their initial five days on NCS, the students spent the week getting to grips with their social action plan as well as a special visit from Loud Speaker, where they learnt all about how to talk to a public audience.

The confidence they built up over the first two weeks stood them in good stead as a Dragons Dens-style activity got them pitching their social action ideas to the rest of the group.

With plans in place and some idea of how the money was going to be raised, the young people spent two days at our community partners, volunteering their time to improve certain aspects for the local residents.

With their social action complete, the sponsorship money came flooding in, working together to complete a well-run car wash as well as some athletic activities.

Overall, with a great lot of development along the way, the students of Wakefield College raised over £250, something NCS Coordinator, Yasmin Lanouar, was extremely proud of.

“The way these young people have developed over the three phases has been astonishing and something that, we at NCS, are extremely proud of,” she explained.

“From attending Go Ape in the first week as a group of strangers to completing a car wash as a team is outstanding.

“I hope they go on to use what they have learnt on the programme in the future.”

For more information about the NCS programme we offer here at the Foundation, please email mark.brennan@wakefieldtrinity.com.

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