Wakefield Trinity Community Foundation

Foundation confirm Medequip Wheelchair RL Sponsorship

Foundation confirm Medequip Wheelchair RL Sponsorship

Wakefield Trinity Community Foundation is delighted to confirm Medequip UK as our Wheelchair RL Principal Sponsor.

As a proud Yorkshire, family-owned business, Medequip UK currently manages 41 contracts across the length and breadth of England and Wales, building a strong tradition of partnership working and customer care.

Through these blossoming family-orientated values, the company has become the largest provider of Integrated Community Equipment Service (ICES) in the UK, providing services on behalf of both the NHS and Local Government. 

Following the successful launch of our Wheelchair Rugby League side last week, the Foundation is always looking for ways to take our sides to the next level.

With the deal now signed ahead of the 2021 season, our sponsorship with Medequip will open new doors as well as benefit from the creation of high-quality equipment.

Speaking upon signing of the deal, Head of Foundation, Craig Shepherd, said, “We are delighted to have finally put pen to paper and confirm Medequip UK as our Wheelchair RL side’s principal sponsor.

“It is a really exciting time for the Foundation, creating our Wheelchair side in 2021 and joining forces with Medequip is only going progress our side further.”

While Medequip Ambassador, Steve Smith, followed, “As a company, we provide community equipment services, and we are also looking to get more involved with our user groups as well.

“Wheelchairs and equipment is our business and as a national company, we can look at different ways we can increase the Foundation’s brand.”

To get involved in our Wheelchair RL side ahead of 2021, please email anthonyrbaker18@gmail.com or to find out more about Medequip and the services they provide, head to https://www.medequip-uk.com/