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Learning Disability Rugby League | Inclusion Round

To celebrate our inclusion round against Salford on Sunday, we will be taking a focus on our learning disability side ahead of the start of their 2022 festivals.

Starting as another tow to our boat back in 2018, LDRL was introduced around the same time as our PDRL side, looking to make Rugby League the game for all.

Over the last four years, we have had great success, working with over 17 players of all ages to play the game that they love.

After a washout in 2020, due to Covid-19, the Community Integrated Care Learning Disability Super League returned with a bang at the end of 2021, competing in five festivals up and down the North of England.

This was all rounded off when York St John’s University, newly renovated using the Rugby League World Cup’s Capital Grant, hosted the final festival of the year, inviting over 200 players from 13 different teams to take part.

The sport, which was grown enormously over the last couple of years amongst Super League clubs, brings people together of all backgrounds from many different places across the country, allowing players to make friendships with the one thing they all have in common, Rugby League.

Speaking on the sport’s growth at Wakefield Trinity, LDSL head coach, Gareth Ramsey, said, “The sport is a fantastic way of making sure that everyone has an equal opportunity to play the sport that they love.

“It is great to see so many faces enjoying the game every Monday evening at training, capped off with the festivals which run throughout the year.”

Our inclusion round will see a celebration of all the great work done at the Foundation, putting a big emphasis on PDRL, LDRL and Ladies RL.

To make sure that all our sides get something from the day, our Physical Disability side will be walking the perimeter of the pitch at half-time, whilst our Learning Disability side take part in their first match of the year against Salford.

For more information about our Disability setup at Wakefield, please email charlie.doherty@wakefieldtrinity.com.

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