Wakefield Trinity Community Foundation

Wakefield Trinity Community Foundation launch TRINITY EDUCATION!!

Wakefield Trinity Community Foundation is delighted to launch Trinity Education, an all-new strand situated within the charitable organisation.

Trinity Education, led by Head of Education & Training, Luke Shale, will consist of five sub-sections that will all be operating under the same umbrella. These new brands will include School Sports Partnership (formally known as Wakefield SSP), Adult Education, Trainee & Apprenticeships, Rugby League and STREAM Education.

As a local Charity that has inspired and engaged people of all ages for some 15 years, we aim to use the brand of Wakefield Trinity to educate and develop our communities. Our impact is recognised by thousands of local residents, largely young impressionable youths, through our existing work. The introduction of Trinity Education is a natural expansion to further support our mission to make a positive difference.

Craig Shepherd - Head of Foundation

The educational strands

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