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“Just one game too far.” | Lee Whiteley post-Warrington (PDRL)

Wakefield Trinity PDRL player-coach, Lee Whiteley, is still immensely proud of his side, despite Trinity falling at the final hurdle with defeat against Warrington in Sunday’s Grand Final.

Two second-half tries from the Wire condemned Wakefield to a second Grand Final defeat in three years, following a hard-fought 2021 campaign.

Following a year out due to Covid-19, PDRL came back with a bang in April when Trinity started the year with two draws before finally receiving their first victory over Leeds a few weeks later.

A long campaign took its toll in the end, and despite reaching Sunday’s grandstand event, a depleted side looked to be Trinity’s undoing in the end.

“We just fell short at the final hurdle, unfortunately,” said Lee, following the conclusion of yesterday’s event.

“I think, what happened there was we just ran out of bodies towards the end and we weren’t clinical enough in the first period when we had the ascendancy.

“Then, when we lost the likes of Callum Parkinson and Jonny Humphries at the same time, that is all of our speed gone, so we had to grind it through the middle and it turned into a bit of an arm-wrestle.”

A second-place finish in a tough season is nothing to be ashamed of, however, and following a tough campaign and a year out, reaching back-to-back Grand Finals is a huge achievement for Trinity, something which Whiteley is proud of.

“It isn’t all bad,” Lee said with a chuckle.

“It is the second time we have been in this position now, so it is about consolidating, having a think in the winter and how we prepare for next season.

“We need to look at getting a recruitment campaign out there, so we can start to get the bodies that our competition has got and I am sure we will be in the same position this time next year.”

Big preparations will be undertaken in the off-season as Wakefield Trinity PDRL look to make it third time lucky, something Whiteley is very sure his side can produce.

“Absolutely! That is what we are aiming for,” he said in the afternoon sun at York St John’s University.

“If we aim high, let’s hope we can get over the line this time in 2022 and lift the crown.”

If you are interested in being a part of our 2022 Wakefield Trinity PDRL side, please email info@wakefieldtrinityfoundation.co.uk.

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