Wakefield Trinity Community Foundation

Headline Sponsorship Available for 2021!

The foundation, which is the charity arm to Betfred Super League club Wakefield Trinity, has made massive in-roads over the past few years to improve the lives of other within the Wakefield District.


Through the tireless and dedicated work of our staff, the Foundation hosts around 46 projects per year, most recently, supplying 1400 meals to vulnerable families over Christmas throughout our ‘Big Feed’ initiative.


The foundation itself is made up of numerous different sections who operate and help the district in their own way. These sections include the School Sport Partnership, Social Inclusion, Health and Wellbeing, a Women’s Super League-standard rugby league side, a semi-professional ladies football team, both a physical and learning disability team as well as many more.


Listed below are some of the great work and plaudits the foundation has received over the past few years, however, as we continue to grow and expand, we have also started tapping into the vast media market and hired our first Media Executive late last year.


This gives us a consistent presence both online and on social media, promoting the foundation’s brand on key platforms. The figures show Twitter impressions rose to 265k throughout December, while the number of people who visited our profile also increased to 6.5k. On Facebook, our page reach increased 5.9k% to just over 85k, while our Instagram reach peaked at 1.1k.


As a headline sponsor to the Wakefield Trinity Community Foundation, these huge numbers could be heading your way, with your organisation’s branding being seen, not just regionally, but worldwide.


Key facts;

  • Our project, ‘Connect’, supported 517 people (aged 60+) through the global pandemic with regular check-in calls
  • The Big Feed supported the distribution of 1400 fresh meals to families at risk or living in poverty
  • Launched our mini-documentary, These Sporting Lives, on Amazon Prime and is now available globally via multiple broadcasting streams
  • Regularly work with more than 24,000 individual participants per annum through our extensive list of projects, fewer in 2020 due to the pandemic
  • Nominated in 2019 for ‘SL Foundation of the Year’
  • Increased our bank of volunteers from 16 to 170 in 2020!
  • Between October 2018 and March 2020, 72 men reduced their BMI from 30+ as part of our ‘Back Onside’ project
  • Our ‘Activ Recovery’ project saw more than 30 females engage in regular physical activity post-cancer diagnosis 


Sponsorship includes;

  • Brand/Logo on all literature, graphics, projects etc
  • Invitations to support individual projects 
  • Opportunities for employees to volunteer on chosen projects throughout the year
  • Invitation to be Foundation guests at select Super League games (subject to government guidance)
  • Headline website sponsor for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin
  • Supporting the mechanics of the Foundation i.e. core operation


If anyone is interested in becoming the Foundation’s Headline Sponsor for 2021, please email the Head of the Foundation Craig Shepherd craig.shepherd@wakefieldtrinityfoundation.co.uk

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