Get back onside with us!

The latest set of Back Onside sessions get underway at Wakefield Trinity’s Mobile Rocket Stadium in the next few weeks. 


Darren Dean, Health and Wellbeing Manager at the Wakefield Trinity Community Foundation and a Personal Trainer, leads the sessions, which are designed to reintroduce those who haven’t been involved with fitness for a while to get active again, and involve current and former Rugby League players during the programme. 


There’s no pressure or any feeling of the need to compete with anyone getting Back Onside, with participants able to do as much, or as little as they can, and at their own pace.. 


Trinity fan Andy Sutton has seen the benefits to his health since getting involved: 


“I’m now retired so there’s the temptation to just sit around. I’m 64 and just to sit there and vegetate can quite easily happen so I thought I’d get on and do something, and it’s down at the place I love.”


“I feel a lot better now, though I do ache the morning after! I suffer from high blood pressure but last time I was checked it was the lowest it has been since being diagnosed.” 


“I do everything the other guys do but not as quick. It’s not hard, there’s no pressure put on you, you do what you can, and as much as you can. What you find as is the weeks go on, you find you can do more.” 


“Don’t be frightened, come down and get involved!” 


Starting at 6pm on Wednesday March 18th , the sessions last around 90 minutes and are free to attend. 


For more information, contact Darren Dean at the Foundation on 01924 211611, or e-mail 

Darren Dean