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From Whitley Bay to Shaw Cross | The ‘Geordie Brothers’ story

Wakefield Trinity Community Foundation’s Player Development Centres are going national as the ‘Geordie Brothers’ from Gateshead Strom opt-in after a positive experience in October.

Looking to build on the positive experiences already formulated in 2021, Wakefield Trinity’s PDCs hit new heights in October half-term, as brothers Matthew, 14, and Will, 13, made the long trip from the North East to play their part in the week’s activities.

After finding out about the camps from one of our Outreach clubs, Gateshead Storm, the friends and their family members set about making their way from Whitley Bay to Shaw Cross – even booking a hotel.

“With it being half-term, I looked for any Rugby sessions that were available,” explained Lisa Rolls, mother of both of the two boys.

“Gateshead Storm had also sent a link through to all its parents concerning the Wakefield camp. We looked for a hotel that wasn’t far from Shaw Cross – Ramada Wakefield, I believe it was called – and booked for the night. 

“In reality, we didn’t need to stay as we could do the journey in the same day if needed, but we were off work and boys were off school.”

Growing up on the other side of the Rugby code, Matthew and Will spent the duration of their time on the sports field playing Rugby Union.

Following a summer of boredom, the two boys set about keeping up their fitness, signing on for local club Whitley Bay Barbarians.

Their love for the 13-a-side game was apparent straight off, and the rest, as they say, is history.

“As the boy’s interest grew, it became apparent that we needed a club that supported both age groups and had an excellent level of coaching and understanding of the game, which is when we moved over to Storm. 

“To date, we are still at Gateshead, and take the opportunity to watch Rugby League games as a family whenever we can. 

“Matthew and Will are still enjoying their journey and Gateshead Storm play a major part in developing their knowledge, skill and understanding within the game. 

“We feel very privileged to be part of such an amazing club that supports its players both on and off the pitch and very much feel that we are part of the Rugby League family at the club.” 

Unable to quench their Rugby League thirst in the off-season, Lisa heard of the two-day, development camps through their local community club at Storm, a decision, both Matthew and Will are happy they made.

“There are more players on the Wakefield camps from different clubs and more coaches,” they both explained.

“We train as a club at Gateshead with our own age group. These sessions have helped us improve our confidence and communication.”

Whilst just Matthew added, “The camp was good fun! We did lots of drills and worked in small groups. 

“Everyone was really friendly, and the coaches were nice. I would definitely recommend it and go again.”

For more information about the Rugby League programmes we offer, please email josh.riding@wakefieldtrinity.com

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