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Foundation’s Trinity Roadshow launches for 2021

Wakefield Trinity Community Foundation is on the road this Autumn, as we launch our all-new ‘Trinity Roadshow’ programme in 2021.

Following on from the success of our Player Development Centre and Trinity on Tour sessions in the Summer, the Foundation is embarking on the next step of player progression.

After starting at Normanton Knights, the project will run for a preliminary eight weeks, visiting one of our ambassador clubs each week for an hour’s worth of Rugby League activities.

With the community season now coming to an end, the Trinity Roadshow will act as an extra development session weaved throughout their current community activity.

Sessions will be run by one of the Foundation’s experienced coaches, with the intention to level up the players currently in the system in both a unique and enjoyable environment.

Speaking ahead of the sessions’ launch at Normanton tonight, the Foundation’s Rugby League Development Officer and Project Lead, Charlie Doherty, said, “Off the back of the success we had with our Summer programmes, we are delighted to be in the position to offer this project.

“All the clubs associated with the Foundation have been extremely forthcoming and have welcomed the programme with open arms, with the sessions already selling out!

“Now that community Rugby League has stopped for the off-season, offering the young players the opportunity to keep developing is extremely important.”

For a full list of clubs taking part in this year’s event, please see below, or to get find out more information about the Rugby League projects we offer, please email info@wakefieldtrinityfoundation.co.uk.

Our Trinity Ambassadors

Trinity Ambassador

Crigglestone All Blacks

U7’s, U10’s, U12’s, U14’s

Mick mickgreensmith@me.com

Hemsworth Dragons

U7’s, U9’s, U11’s, U13’s

Jason  Jason.alcorn@outlook.com

Eastmoor Rugby League Club

U10’s, U13’s, U15’s

Tracy  tracy.grayson@virginmedia.com

Methley Warriors

U7’s, U8’s, U9’s, U10’s, U11’s, U12’s, U13’s, U14’s

Jim  jimtcain1979@gmail.com

Emley Moor

U8’s, U9’s, U11’s, U12’s, U14’s, U15’s

James jgteale@gmail.com

Normanton Knights

U7’s, U8’s, U9’s, U10’s, U11’s, U12’s, U13’s, U14’s, U15’s, U16’s

Cassy oliverthompson7@hotmail.co.uk

Sharlston Rovers

U7’s, U8’s, U9’s, U10’s, U12’s, U13’s, U15’s

Gordie gordielong@aol.com

Shaw Cross Sharks

U7’s, U8’s, U9’s, U10’s, U11’s, U12’s, U13’s, U14’s, U15’s, U16’s

Wayne shawxsharkscoaching@gmail.com

Stanley Rangers

U7’s, U8’s, U10’s, U11’s, U12’s, U13’s, U14’s, U15’s, U16’s

Chris chris.brown564@googlemail.com

Wakefield Hawks

U7’s, U12’s, U16’s

Joanne wakefieldhawks@outlook.com

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