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Foundation’s Tackling Hunger Project Continues

Wakefield Trinity Community Foundation is pleased to continue our support of the ‘Tackling Hunger’ campaign throughout the Holidays.

The project aims to provide for families that require support, whilst ensuring that children can get enrichment through our activity camps and receive a fresh meal each day.

These camps, operated by Foundation staff, are being run from Tuesday 1st June to Friday 4th June at Crigglestone All Blacks RLFC and will be jam-packed with loads of sports activities for children to enjoy.  

Activities will include Rugby League, Football and loads of different games to keep the children occupied throughout the week. Following this, we have, once again, partnered with Morrisons’ Community Champions to provide a free school each day.

Newly-appointed Head of Health, Wellbeing and Inclusion, Colan Leung, is proud to lead a project that supports children throughout the school holidays.

“We have run this project in the past and have had huge success with it,” said Colan.

“Our staff do an excellent job in creating fun, engaging activities for the children to enjoy and to have Morrisons on board to supply free school meals is great.

“It is a perfect way of providing for our community in the best way possible.”

While Morrisons’, Beverley, followed, “Keeping children provided with a free school meal throughout the holidays is paramount when it comes to child hunger.

“Whilst working with the Foundation, we have been able to support around 30 children and their families, which is a great feeling.” 

The Wakefield Trinity Community Foundation are determined to fight back against child hunger and will do all we can to make a difference to our community.

For more information about the project, please email colan.leung@wakefieldtrinity.com.

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