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February Half-term | A busy week ahead

Wakefield Trinity Community Foundation has a lot to offer during the February half-term. We have camps running for the whole week, including our Trinity Heathy Holiday camps and Trinity DNA centres.

Trinity Healthy Holidays

What is Trinity Healthy Holidays?

This camp aims to provide for families that require support, while also making sure that children can get lots of exercise through the activity camp and also receive a fresh meal every day.

The activities that are on offer during the week consist of Rugby League, football and lots of different other games to keep children active throughout the week.

Morrisons are also a part of the camp and will provide food and drink for the children each of the four days.

Trinity DNA

Wakefield Trinity will be running the Trinity DNA player development centres again over the February half-term. Run from the Be Well Support Stadium, the sessions offer young players the chance to show off their skills as a Rugby League player, whilst also developing their skills at a professional club in a performance environment.

The camps are run by our experienced development and performance coaches and focus on players’ key skills including technical, tactical, movement, mental skills and game sense.

In the last few years, Trinity has seen a huge increase in people joining and taking part in the camp, with over 100 people taking part over the several weeks in summer 2021.

We have had big names come through the centres, including the likes of Sam Eseh and Harry Bowes, who both have said that they believe the camps gave them the experience and skills needed to rise to the top.

Both these camps will run during the February half-term and will all be used to help develop children and their skills while also providing them with a meal for lunch.

It is a great opportunity for the children to interact with others, make new friends and develop their skills.

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