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Wakefield Trinity Community Foundation continue to support Energy Champions

As we commence, Big Energy Saving Week, the Wakefield Trinity Community Foundation is pleased to continue their support of #EnergyChampions.

Funded by Northern Gas Networks and Northern Power Grid, in partnership with the Leeds Community Foundation, the ‘Energy Champions’ project was setup to raise awareness in schools and communities of the importance of saving energy.

As one of the recipients of the grant, the Foundation delivered a core part of the programme, delivering presentations in schools, hoping it could educate young people, whilst filtering through to families and help people change their behaviour, however small.

A total of 40 local schools were recipients of the project, inspiring some 10,317 young people, who took part in the assemblies given.

The project aimed to deliver every-day, key messages that young people could start incorporating into their everyday habits such as turning off lights, opening curtains and turning off electronics to help save energy, among other tips and guidance.

Alongside the assemblies, workshops were planned and aimed at the older generation to help them think more about their personal energy consumption as well as directing them to places who offer support with ‘fuel poverty’ across the district.

Unfortunately, due to lockdown issues we were unable to host face-to-face activities with such a vulnerable group of people.

Our Head of Foundation, Craig Shepherd, was delighted to be a recipient of the grant and was proud that the Community Foundation could make yet another difference in our community.

“Being commissioned by Leeds Community Foundation to provide these talks and presentations in the Wakefield area was a hugely proud moment,” Shepherd explained.

“As projects go, this was an extremely important topic and to be given the opportunity to inspire energy saving habits in 10,000+ young people is very rewarding.”

As a Foundation, we would like to echo the sentiment of this piece by continuing to support the project of Energy Champions throughout National Energy Saving Week and beyond.

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