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Eid Mubarak: Hamza’s Story

Happy Eid Mubarak to everyone celebrating within the Wakefield district and across the World!

Today is a celebration of the end of Ramadan/fasting, meaning that it is a day of feasting. Eid ul Fitr is just one of the two celebrated events in the Muslim calendar, offering the opportunity to give to charity and it is associated with appreciating the blessings God has bestowed. 

Starting with congregational prayer, it is celebrated by wearing one’s best clothes, eating delicious food, exchanging presents and getting together with family.

Now you have more context into how Eid Mubarak is celebrating amongst the Muslim population, one of the Foundation’s SSP staff, Hamza Mohammed, has written his story below…

Hamza’s Story…

Hello, thank you for showing an interest in Eid Mubarak, one of two celebrations celebrated within the Muslim calendar.

For me, as a Muslim, Eid is a celebration in our Islamic tradition that warrants me to go all out on myself and others. It is a time to remember and appreciate the blessings God has provided me with and use them. It is also a time to kick back, have fun and just create good and positive feelings.

Throughout the Muslim community, Eid is important as it adds to the sense of community. It is a tradition that shows that Muslims are there for each other and to care for others, too. I think this is especially crucial given the current crisis that exists in the world and no matter where or what, Eid can be celebrated together.

This year, unlike past celebrations, Eid will be celebrated a little differently in 2021. However, for me, it is about spending time with my family, and I am excited to celebrate Eid this year in however way possible.

For anyone who doesn’t know, the way the day works is, first, I am going to wake up and get ready for prayer by wearing some traditional clothes (Shalwaar Kameez), which I haven’t worn in a while.

Then, I am going to be performing Eid prayer in the park with my local mosque! After the rituals have been completed, I will be having lots of food! Chicken Tikka, Roast Potatoes, Biryani, Curries, you name it!

After the feast, we will exchange gifts and then play some party games together. Then, just kick back and relax!

Thank you for taking the time to read how popular Muslim culture is celebrated. This sort of exposure will be great to raise more awareness throughout the district.

Hamza Mohammed, PE Specialist - Trinity Education

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