Wakefield Trinity Community Foundation

‘Wellness to Work’ offers bespoke, outcome focused provision, engaging beneficiaries through the ‘power of sport’ in a City which is renowned for its sporting culture. It’s unique selling point is creating an environment that fuses – supporting each beneficiary to lead a healthy lifestyle, with core employability skills, knowing that evidence suggests good physical and mental health are vital to both gaining and sustaining employment and that unemployment can leave a person isolated and with poor health.

‘Wellness to Work’ beneficiaries will stay on the programme for sixteen weeks completing around 200 hours of structured provision through its ‘Engage’, ‘Educate’ and ‘Act’ delivery areas. Whilst the project will support onward pathways into education and employment, beneficiaries will be able to continue attending physical activity sessions run by the Foundation into the future, sustaining their fitness.


Wellness to Work’ recognises that poor mental wellbeing is a significant barrier to employment and that regular physical activity can have a positive impact in boosting mood and raising self-confidence. The project will offer four ‘Engage’ sessions across the week which will consist of forty minutes of physical activity from the Stadium, followed by forty minutes of mental resilience support within a group learning environment.

The physical activity component will be structured to the level of the beneficiary and will include gym work in the players gym and team sports such as touch rugby whilst the resilience sessions will focus on areas such as coping skills, mood management, relaxation, stress management, goal setting, and managing setbacks. The four sessions will be offered across six-month project lifespan at varying times of the day to support engagement, however will have a core focus on engaging beneficiaries who are either long term unemployed, women, or are over 50.


‘Engage’ activities will support confidence building and importantly establishing a relationship between the beneficiary and Wakefield Trinity Community Trust.

Beneficiaries will be supported to progress onto earning a Certificate in Employability Skills delivered from the learning zone at the stadium two days per week.

To add value to the experience, ‘Wellness to Work’ will link with Wakefield Trinity business partners who will attend ‘Educate’ sessions to provide practical support to beneficiaries around job search activities, CV building, and interview techniques.


Volunteering has practical health benefits associated with mental wellbeing and an ability to acquire and put into action new skills that will support employability.

Beneficiaries will be support to either complete a volunteer placement within existing Wakefield Trinity Community Trust provision or complete their own social action initiative within their community.

Not only will this strand deliver positive benefit back to the community, it will support beneficiaries to develop skills around project management, team-work, health and safety and time management.