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David & Patricia Driver | My Big Feed story

David Driver – who has, unfortunately, been diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease – and his partner, Patricia, have been supported by the Foundation’s Big Feed project in 2021.

After first hearing of the food delivery service through our weekly Connect Again sessions, the couple reached out to the Foundation in February this year.

With Patricia laid up due to a shoulder injury, and unable to dedicate her normal 24-hour support to David, Trinity offered a helping hand, setting the pair up for the week with meals supplied courtesy of the Big Feed.

“It was brilliant! I was laid up for much of the year, and it took a lot of pressure off me, from a food point-of-view,” she explained.

“All the volunteers were incredibly helpful, asking if there was anything we needed doing, which restored my faith in the community.”

The lifelong Trinity supporters – who even attended a game the day after their wedding – have been long-time admirers of the club, having season tickets for over 40 years.

Through the work of the club’s charitable arm, the Big Feed delivered over 30,000 meals, working together with Wakefield Council and LD Nutrition to support hundreds of families.

“After my injury, I was struggling to get out of the house, which meant my sister was bringing me some emergency supplies,” Patricia followed.

“However, in terms of the meals, it was fantastic that we had something there at all hours of the day.

“Most of them had a couple of days on, which meant that we were stocked up for the coming week, which really helped.”

The mental and physical strain brought on by the pandemic has hit millions of people hard over 2021, and sometimes a friendly face is a breath of fresh air, something the Foundation hoped to supply.

“Mentally, it has been a struggle. When you have always been fit and healthy, then all of a sudden you are laid up is quite difficult.

“I couldn’t do anything, and when you’re on your own, it is different, but when you are caring for someone else, it can be quite stressful.

“So, it was a mental struggle, but it was nice t have that back-up, knowing that if I needed anything, there was somebody there.” 

The Foundation is still in contact with David and Patricia and hopes to support more families going through similar circumstances in the future.

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