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Another busy week | October Half-Term Review

Another year, another October half-term down as the Wakefield Trinity Community Foundation celebrates another successful week across our camps.

See below what we got up to…

Spooky Surprise | Halloween RL & Activity Camp

As Halloween was just around the corner, we had a spooky surprise for our Rugby League & Activity participants as first-team players Yusuf Aydin and Sam Eseh made an appearance in Stanley.

Aimed at players aged four to 11 years old, these camps are designed to develop a young person’s skills, with much emphasis being put on both the enjoyment and social aspect of the game.

Utilising the Halloween theme, players were joined by Yusuf and Sam for the final hour of their session, with the Trinity players handing out puzzles & goody bags as well as taking a few of the drills themselves.

Speaking upon the success of the themed camp, Rugby League & Inclusion Officer, Charlie Doherty, said, “We have been delighted in the uptake in the camp since we added the Halloween spin,” Charlie explained.

“To have first-team players Sam Eseh and Yusuf Aydin down, handing out prizes and passing on the knowledge to the young players is vital for their growth, but more importantly their incentive to play Rugby League.

“We can’t wait to bring more camps of this nature into the fold in the future.”

For more information about the up-and-coming camps we offer, please email info@wakefieldtrinityfoundation.co.uk.


Young Prospects | Player Development Centres

Such as any holiday, Wakefield Trinity Community Foundation is delighted to have over 85 participants attend our Player Development Centres across two days.

Starting with players as young under-12, these centres allow for further Rugby League development away from a normal community club setting, offering a unique experience for the players involved.

Lead by three of our experienced coaches, participants get the opportunity to test their skills with a range of drills as well as small-sided games.

Commenting on yet another week of Rugby League across the Foundation, Josh Riding was delighted with how the players took to the sessions.

“We have seen a big uptake in these development centres over recent years and we are pleased to continue this over October 2021,” the Foundation’s Rugby League Development Manager explained.

“To have over 85 players from multiple clubs situated across, not only Wakefield, but the North East and Nottinghamshire, is a huge achievement and one we are incredibly proud of as a club.”

With Christmas just around the corner, our next Player Development Centres will take place in February 2022.

For more information on how to get involved, please email info@wakefieldtrinityfoundation.co.uk.


Morrisons’ continued support | Tackling Hunger

Wakefield Trinity Community Foundation is delighted to confirm that, with the support of Morrisons, we provided free lunches to over 27 participants on our Tackling Hunger camp.

With the effects of the pandemic still looming large, the Foundation was pleased to continue our support of these camps over October half-term.

Working with around 12 young people every day, participants enjoyed fun, multi-sport activities before tucking into their free meal provided by Morrisons’ community champions.

Speaking after the camp, the Foundation’s Head of Health, Wellbeing & Inclusion, Colan Leung, said, “Our Tackling Hunger camp follows Wakefield Councils “our families, our futures” programme, which has engaged with hundreds of families across the City of Wakefield, so to be able to continue to support the children and parents of this community is extremely important to us.

“No child should go hungry, and to be in the position to offer free meals whilst making sure the children get enrichment through our multi-sport activity camps each day over the school holidays is the least we could do within our community.

“We would also like to thank everyone at Morrisons at Dewsbury Road for their continued efforts in the Wakefield community.”

For more information about other Health, Wellbeing & Inclusion projects we offer, please email info@wakefieldtrinityfoundation.co.uk.


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