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Advent Calendar Day 16 | Wakefield Trinity Ladies RL

Day 16 of our Wakefield Trinity Community Foundation Advent Calendar looks back on Wakefield Trinity Ladies’ 2021 campaign.

After coming through the other side of the pandemic, unfortunately, our Ladies RL side had a tough time throughout the Betfred Women’s Super League 2021 season. 

As with other teams in the competition, Covid-19 had its part to play, however, despite the numerous challenges faced, they have shown great resilience and stuck together through thick and thin. 

With a full internal and independent review of the programme carried out post-season, we have been able to identify a few areas that needed to be adjusted and with some changes to the playing roster, preparations are well underway for the 2022 season. 

Head of Women’s Rugby, James Stephenson, said, “2021 was a really tough year for us all, the pandemic still had and has its grips around us, and this restricted our plans into the season. 

Coupled with some long-term injuries to senior and key players as well as other factors that were out of our hands, it just seemed that everything was going against us. 

“Things like that our out of our control and we had to focus on where we could improve and get the best possible outcomes even though the results weren’t going in our favour.

“Personally, I can’t thank our players and staff enough who have shown true grit and determination to get through the season, and I feel very proud of the team for standing up and keeping going to complete what was a very exhausting season”. 

With the 2021 season done and dusted, all eyes head for the next campaign, and with changes to structure benefitting Trinity, James is looking forward to another hard-fought campaign.

“Moving forward, we have completed a full review which identifies some key areas that we know we have to improve on, and with a few tweaks and changes now in place, along with linking more closely with the club medical and performance departments.

“There is a real buzz and cohesion between all the players that I haven’t seen before, and everyone is pushing themselves and each other to be better.”

“The team have set their own standards this year to build a culture and ethos that creates a highly-competitive environment.”

For more information on our Wakefield Trinity Ladies RL side, please email james.stephenson@wakefieldtrinity.com.

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