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Advent Calendar Day 14 | Touch Rugby League

Day 14 of our Wakefield Trinity Community Foundation Advent Calendar looks back on our first Touch Rugby League programme since the start of the pandemic.

Having previously run the programme, 2021 saw Touch RL reinstated for the first time after a couple of years out, taking place every Monday evening at Eastmoor Dragons ARLFC.

A fast-paced, highly skilled version of modern-day Rugby League, Touch isn’t much different to the game played by the professionals.

With the rules fairly similar, participants are encouraged to think on their feet in order to break that last line of defence and touch the ball down.

As the programme began to grow, the Foundation found itself with over 25 participants, triggering the RFL to bring in a Foundation Touch League to run alongside the programme.

With plans in place to make Touch RL bigger and better in 2022, more information will be released early next year as we aim to kick off another year of Rugby League action.

“Touch Rugby League is a great way of enjoying the game without the aggressive side that is normally associated with the sport,” said Charlie Doherty, the programme’s lead.

“The game allows participants to think fast and utilise their skill, whilst participating in the normal rules of Rugby League.

“We can’t wait to see the programme return in 2022!”

For more information on Touch RL and how to get involved, please email info@wakefieldtrinityfoundation.co.uk.

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