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Advent Calendar Day 12 | Active Futures

Day 12 of our Wakefield Trinity Community Foundation Advent Calendar sees us focus on a relatively new project, Active Futures.

Throughout 2021, our Health, Wellbeing & Inclusion department has blossomed, welcoming two new staff members, whilst continuing to offer important projects to support the community.

After activating a partnership with Askham Bryan College, the Foundation set about delivering our Active Futures project, helping students develop certain skills that will aid them in their future ventures.

Laced throughout the programme, participants learnt all about the importance of teamwork, communication, decision making and problem-solving as well as an introduction to how to maintain a healthy diet.

In the final stages of the 12-week programme, the students were then exposed to a variety of tasks that encapsulated everything they had learned.

Working together as a team to solve challenges, bringing together numerous skills that they can take with them into the real world.

Speaking upon the conclusion of the programme, project lead, Jason Talbot, said, “I am delighted with how all the participants took to the sessions.

“With many of them very shy at the beginning of the programme, to see them blossomed and engaged is great to see.

“We hope all the students found each session rewarding and can take the skills they learned into the next stages of their life.”

For more information on any of our Health, Wellbeing & Inclusion projects, please email colan.leung@wakefieldtrinity.com.

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